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A Project Coordinator works closely with project team members, managers and leads to help deliver major organizational projects efficiently. Project Coordinator should be responsible to administer and organize all types of projects, from simple activities to more complex projects.

Project Coordinator responsibilities include working closely with internal teams to prepare comprehensive action plans, including resources and timeframes for projects. Project coordinators must be adept at multitasking, as they are generally required to perform a wide variety of tasks on a daily basis. Coordinator should perform various coordinating tasks, like schedule and risk management, along with administrative duties, like maintaining project documentation and handling queries. Coordinator should have excellent time management and communication skills, as he/she will collaborate with customers and internal teams to deliver results on deadlines.

When problems arise or if work is falling behind schedule, the project coordinator’s responsibility is to make necessary adjustments and communicate with the customer and stakeholders about the issue ultimately, the Project Coordinator’s duties are to ensure that all projects are completed on time, within budget and meet high quality standards.


  • Coordinate installation activities, resources, procurement and information
  • Liaising with customers and internal teams to identify and define project requirements, scope and objectives
  • Ensuring that customer needs are met as the project evolves
  • Maintaining and monitoring project plans, project schedules and installation hours
  • Monitor project progress and handle any issues that arise
  • Assess project risks and issues and provide solutions where applicable
  • Ensuring projects adhere to frameworks and all documentation is maintained appropriately for each project
  • Act as the point of contact and communicate project status to customers and internal teams
  • Work with internal teams to eliminate blockers
  • Ensure standards and requirements are met through conducting quality assurance tests
  • Oversee project procurement management
  • Knowledge on Vanila Networks & Network Terminology

Skill Set Required

Clear communication skills

  • Anticipate details of future projects by communicating directly with customers and staying informed of the updated status of project.
  • Communicate proactively with all involved personnel to provide administrative support, identify problems, create solutions, and implement efficiency improvements.

A calming presence

  • Organizing, attending and participating in stakeholder meetings.
  • Documenting and following up on important actions and decisions from meetings.
  • Preparing necessary reports and other materials for meetings.

Ability to ‘read’ customers and handle surprises

  • Assess project risks and issues and provide solutions where applicable or highlight the same to higher authorities or respective teams.


  • Projects rarely go exactly as planned, and the best project coordinator incorporate contingencies into their planning. Before problems arise, they have plans ready to be implemented and strategies for circumventing those obstacles. When a completely unexpected problem arises, project coordinators need to be adept at addressing it as quickly as possible.

Ability to define the requirements

  • Ensure the availability of comprehensive project plans that merge customer requirements and coordinate various teams and technical personnel during all project phases, from initial development through implementation

Time management skills

  • Manage projects with top-down oversight throughout entire execution to ensure success as defined by adherence to standards of scope and timeline.
  • Monitor project progress continuously and make detailed scheduled reports on measurable items, such as milestones and deliverables. Ensuring project deadlines are met.

Knowledge Level:

  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office and basic knowledge in system and software installation
  • Vendor Management knowledge would be an added advantage.

Stress Tolerance

  • Remains calm and focused when under pressure.
  • Restructures work/reallocates resources to respond to changing needs

Judgement and decision making

  • Makes decisions based on what will deliver customer value. Need to weigh the pros and cons as well as the consequences and results before making a choice of a course of action
  • Makes sure that implications of decisions are thought through and addressed, regardless of who has responsibility

Team work

  • Works with others in a positive, co-operative and helpful manner
  • Respects the ideas and contributions of customers and other team members

Goal-oriented focus

  • Create a project management calendar/ Checklist for fulfilling each goal and objective.
  • Determining project changes.

Attentiveness and Empathy towards customer

  • Understand customer requirement. Also to be patient enough to hear the customer completely.
  • When you can’t tell the customer exactly what they want to hear, a dose of care, concern and understanding will go a long way.


Graduate from any discipline with 2 to 3 years of experience in Business Operations


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